Malacca is an old place and has a long and colourful history. One cannot truly appreciate all that it is and all that it stands for until one gets a glimpse into its annals.

Malacca is the birthplace of the Malaysian heritage, which dates back to the 15th century. The Malacca Sultanate marks the beginning of the modern monarchy. When the once-proud port fell into European hands, beginning with the Portuguese, then the Dutch and finally the British, each of these foreign cultures left an indelible mark on Malacca and its inhabitants. The immigrant Chinese also had a hand in determining the fortunes of Malacca.

Every Malaysian grows up with Malacca and its history. Fuelled by what they have read and by their imaginations, most will make it a point to visit Malacca. They will only get a sense of fulfilment after they have finally seen the A' Famosa fort with their very own eyes, right in front of them, never mind that there is nothing left except its gateway. They might be a little disappointed with what they see, but certainly not with what they have found - the awe-inspiring experience of being a part of history.
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